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Our Vision

To develop strong soft skills, embedded with self-confidence and visualization in students.


To create young leaders and able managers who are sound in spirit.


Sri VishnuPriya Education Trust has been established at a rural centre with a lofty ideal if providing the benefit of education to the rural students of Chickballapur Taluk and its surrounding with this objective the trust has already initiated its work with the installation of school gaining a strong sense of self-confidence from the support received from parents, government and from the general public. This trust has been stimulated to start the occupation oriented higher educational institution for the advantage of those young men and women, who aspire to have education and training in the art and science management of their doors.

This education trust has taken a decision to locate in the small and beautiful city of Chickballapur, Chickballapur is situated with a resplendent natural background having the world famous hill resort Nandi Hills and range of mountains, the nature here itself provides a new type of liberal education as it prompts a strong congenial atmosphere most suited for the pursuit of higher education this classic background is crowned by the happy existence of the birth of famous engineer statesman Bharath Rathna Sir M. Viveswarayya who dominated as one of the global celebrities of the 20th century. Chickballapur has already acquired a prominent place in the map of higher education of this state. Students from different parts of this country come here to get their educational degrees in different faculties in the true spirit of national integration seeing the various advantages existing here in the matters of communication with different parts of the country along with the services rendered by the existing industrial, business establishment required for the management studies both in its theory and practice. This management has chosen this beautiful city to be the centre.

This college is on the way of getting the official recognition of to AICTE that is All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, Government of Karnataka and the Bangalore University for its course of study leading to the 3 years Bachelor's Degree in Business Management BBM (Professional Degree) The Management has provided the required infrastructure to keep the institution on a strong foundation and has endeavored to pressure the standard of Education in a most dignified way so as to make its products as a new class of most resourceful persons in the special field of Art & Science Management. Library, Reading Room, Computer Lab, Indoor and Outdoor training in the advanced techniques of art and Science are provided by the management with the full of encouragement for the co-curricular and extracurricular activities,

Y.N. Ramachandra Reddy, B.Com., L.L.B., CIS PRESIDENT


R.Shayamala, M.A., SECRETARY

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